Solitaire Plus! HD for iPad

Available in the Apple® App Store

Solitaire Plus! HD for the iPad® is available in the App Store!

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Our iPad solitaire collection contains all 30 of the games included in our macOS® and Windows products. It also includes our touch version of smart-dragging™ that we call "smart-tap™". It allows you to make most moves with a single tap with all the convenience and speed of our desktop games.

Game Selection
The introductory screen is a game selection table with statistics display. This is the screen where you choose the game you wish to play. You may also access buttons to clear the statistics or find Help for the app.
Game Play
The game window fills the iPad screen in Solitaire Plus. A common toolbar is displayed at the top of the game window and includes shortcuts to actions needed during game play such as Undo, Redo, New Game, Restart Game, Settings, Help, and Options.

And, of course, our unique and consistent "smart-tap" feature is included! Simply tap a card to make most moves.

More Desktop-Like Experience
Solitaire Plus makes liberal use of "popovers" on the iPad which allows for a more desktop-like experience. Our game is not simply a bigger copy of an app designed for an iPhone.

For example, our Options dialog does not take over the entire screen, so changes made to the appearance are "live" and are reflected immediately in the game window.

Plays Fast
Yes, the iPad makes animations easy, but we skipped repetitive animations just for the sake of animation. We find that can quickly become an irritation once you learn how to play the game. We only animate where it serves the clarity of the interface. The result is that our game plays fast and our interface tries to stay out of your way.