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Quick Start

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To Make a Move:


Single-tap, nudge, or drag a card to trigger a smart-tap move
Override the smart-tap by dragging the card(s) over or through a target pile
Tap a card with two fingers to force it to move to a foundation if possible



Undo a Move or Autoplay

Swipe your thumb over the Next button

and back to the bezel to quickly deal the

next card from the stock.


The swipe area is larger than the

button, so you do not have to be super

accurate. Plus, it is not necessary to lift

your thumb from the glass

Redo a Move or Autoplay

Deal a New Game

Restart the Current Game

Deal a Specific Game by Number

Game-Dependent Settings such as Autoplay, Number of Cards to draw from Stock, etc.

Game Rules and Help

Options that apply to all Games