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Also known as Gaps or Spaces.


Montana Layout




A tableau of all 52 cards, in 4 rows, and do not overlap the cards.
The 4 Aces are discarded to create 4 spaces.




Each space may be filled with the next-higher card of the same suit.
Tap a space to fill it, or tap on the card you want to move to a space.
A space in the first column can only be filled with a Two from any suit.
A King blocks any spaces to the right of the King. Continue arranging the cards of each row in ascending value within the same suit (from left to right) until all moves are blocked by a King.


Shuffle Remaining


If all spaces are blocked by a King, tap the "Shuffle Remaining" button. All cards not in ascending value within the same suit (starting with a Two in the first column), will be gathered, shuffled, and redealt so that a space is created to the right of the last card in sequence on each row.
Two shuffles of the remaining cards are allowed. "Shuffle Remaining" cannot be undone. The game can, however, be restarted from the beginning.


Unlimited Reshuffles Variation


After two reshuffles of the tableau, the "Unlimited Reshuffles" button will be enabled for optional use. This allows continuation of the game with additional reshuffles of the tableau as desired. Please note that the statistics will be tracked separately for all games extended beyond two reshuffles.


To Win


The game is won if you arrange all cards so that each row begins with a Two and ends with a King for each suit.


Scoring: One point for each card that is arranged in sequence. Maximum score is 48 (or $192 for Vegas scoring).


Chance of Winning: 1 in 20 games when limited to the standard two reshuffles. All games can be won if "Unlimited Reshuffles" is enabled.