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Also known as One Foundation. Similar games in Solitaire Plus include Aces Up and Pyramid Golf.


Golf Layout




A tableau of thirty-five cards, dealt in seven piles of five cards each.
The first card of the stock is automatically turned face-up in the discard pile to start play.




Tap on a top card within the tableau that is in increasing or decreasing value (any suit) relative to the top card of the discard pile. If the tapped card is in sequence with the top card of the discard pile, it will be moved to the discard pile.
Kings stop the sequence (see Variations below).
Aces do not stop the sequence, but no "wrapping" from Ace to King is allowed. Only a Two may follow an Ace in a sequence.




When the sequence cannot be continued, turn up the next card from the stock to the discard pile.
The top card of the discard pile becomes the starting value for a new sequence.
The stock is not recycled.


To Win


Move all the cards to the discard pile.


Available Variations: Tap the Settings button to set KING STOPS SEQUENCE. If the switch is off, a Queen may be used to continue the sequence after a King is selected. Once a game is started, the KING STOPS SEQUENCE option cannot be altered without starting a new game.


Tips: Plan several moves ahead and choose cards that sustain the sequence for as long as possible before tapping on the stock for the next card.


Scoring: One point for each card moved to the discard pile. Maximum score is 52.


Chance of Winning: 1 in 20 games.