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Solitaire Plus provides statistics for each game which track the following:


Number of games attempted
Number of games won
Number of games lost
Win/loss percentages
Overall average score for all attempted games
The highest losing score
The average score of games lost
Longest winning streak and ending date of the streak
Current winning streak


Statistics Panel


Only games attempted are counted in the statistics. A game is considered "attempted" when a certain number of minimum moves have been made. A minimum number of moves is typically 5 to 10 for a game to be considered attempted. If Solitaire Plus asks you to resign when selecting a new game or exiting, then the game is considered as attempted and will be counted for the statistics (unless you have "Show Confirms" deactivated which suppresses all such notices).


Vegas scoring:


If Vegas scoring is enabled, the scores are displayed as dollar amounts. Red figures indicate negative amounts. The Vegas score displayed in the game is cumulative until the statistics are cleared for that game.


How to clear the game statistics:


Clear Stats MenuThe statistics may be cleared for the selected game, or all games, by tapping the "Clear Statistics" button. All variations (such as one card and three card draw Klondike) for the selected game are cleared. This action cannot be undone.