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Other Options

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Tap the Options button in the toolbar in a game window to display the Options popover. The Options popover has several pages you may access using the page control at the bottom of the popover, or simply swipe the panel left or right to go to the next or previous page.


Various miscellaneous options are provided on the last page of the Options popover. These include:


PERFORM ANIMATION ON DEALS - If this switch in ON, a deal animation is shown each time a new game is dealt or an existing game is restarted.


SHOW CONFIRMS - If ON, a game is in progress the player is asked to confirm an action which would deal a new game or restart the existing game. This prevents accidentally losing a game from an unintended tap.


SHOW BOUNCING CARD ANIMATION ON WIN - If ON an animation is shown when a game is won. The animation can be interrupted at any time to deal a new game.


VEGAS SCORING - If ON scoring is $-1 for each card dealt for a new game and $+5 for each card played to a foundation or cards in sequence for Spider-type games. The VEGAS SCORING is also cumulative for each game until the statistics for the game are cleared. The VEGAS SCORING is also cumulative for all variations of a given game type.