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Change the Background

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Tap the Options button in the toolbar in a game window to display the Options popover. The Options popover has several pages you may access using the page control at the bottom of the popover, or simply swipe the panel left or right to go to the next or previous page.


The background options are on the 4th page of the popover as shown at top. There are two choices: 1) a solid color or gradient of two colors, or 2) a selection of a tiled image from a list of 104 included tiles.


Choose the desired background type using the segmented control at top. The background of the game is updated in real time with your selection.


To choose colors in the "Solid Color or Two-Color Gradient" selection, tap the color boxes. A color picker will be displayed. You can adjust the color by tapping in the adjustment controls and then selecting CHOOSE to make it active.


Future versions of Solitaire Plus may include the ability to set the game background to any image in your media library on the iPad.