Solitaire Plus! HD for iPad

Available in the Apple® App Store

Discount Offer for the Desktop Versions of Solitaire Plus!

The following steps are required to receive a 30% coupon code for the desktop Mac or PC/Windows versions of our Solitaire Plus! game. Taking advantage of this offer nets you the iPad version of our game, along with the desktop version, at a lower cost than purchasing the desktop version alone from GamesForOne.

Step 1: Purchase the Solitaire Plus! HD title for your iPad for $1.99. As required by Apple you must purchase all iPad apps via the Apple App Store. If you have already purchased our iPad game, proceed to steps 2 and 3 below.

Buy Now!


Step 2: Once Solitaire Plus! HD is installed on your iPad, launch it and tap the "Web Home" button in the game selection screen. A web page will open that will provide the coupon code. Be sure to write down the code!

Web Home

Step 3: Follow the links on the displayed web page to order the Mac or PC/Windows version of our game and enter the coupon code on the final page of the ordering process (in the "Update Coupon" field) to receive your 30% discount!